Yung Baby Tate Takes Atlanta

By Trenisha Wiggins

artworks-000161695850-hifx0e-t500x500Yung Baby Tate was born Tate Farris on May 13, 1996. Her mother Dionne Farris was a member of the hip-hop group Arrested Development, most notably known for her vocals on the single Tennessee. Her mother’s music career exposed Tate to the industry at a young age, and it was also at a young age that she knew she would follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Growing up in Jersey/Atlanta: How they influence your music?

Tate lists Gwen Stefani, Bruno Mars, and Stevie Wonder as influencers. She also says that she looks up to Beyonce as she respects her work ethic.

“I’m more comfortable on stage than I am in real life,” she says in an interview with blogger Kayla Kristina. Tate recalls her first performance being a tap dance recital at the age of six and she’s been performing ever since, even racking up several performances during the AC3 (All 3 Coasts) Music Festival.CxlAbXkVEAAKNU_

The singer, songwriter, and producer began making beats in her room at the age of 13. She released her debut EP ROYGBIV in November of last year. In fact, the entire project was produced in her bedroom. Tate admits that she enjoys recording in her room. Since her debut, Tate released a Christmas album entitled YBTXMAS with amazing covers and original songs such as Barbie Phone. She reflects on her transition since her debut. “Wow, I’ve come a long way,” she says while listening to her old music on her phone.

Not only is her music hot and fresh the same can be said of her sense of style.  “I don’t like looking boring… I don’t like looking the same.”

Tate says she wants to explore the world and “get out of Atlanta,” a popular line in her song Orange.

To download Yung Baby Tate’s EP ROYGBIV follow the link below.

Download ROYGBIV EP on iTunes

Keep up to date with Tate by following her social media.

Follow Yung Baby Tate on Twitter.

Follow Yung Baby Tate on Soundcloud.


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