About the Editor

I am a former Georgia resident, born in the city of Atlanta and raised in Riverdale. I had a passion for learning even at a young age. I began reading at the age of three and by the time I was six I was being tested for gifted education. During my primary and secondary schooling I received many academic accolades ranging from honor role to academic honors in areas such as Mathematics, English, Technology and even Spanish.

After completing my secondary education I went on to attend Miles College where I am now in my final year of schooling with plans of receiving my BA in Communications with a concentration of Public Relations and Journalism. I plan on furthering my education by attending graduate school to earn an MBA in Strategy Management. I also plan on working on my Sigma Six Certification and establishing myself as a productivity and public relations consultant. My goal is to first own my own Public Relations firm. I also plan on launching a media conglomerate including publishing, broadcast, and motion pictures.